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Senior Portrait Photography

Senior Portraits are such fun to photograph!! I love finding different locations that no one else has found. I try and bring out the senior's personality. From a graffiti wall in Lynn to a garage door in Reading, Massachusetts. I have some great spots that I keep under wraps just for the senior photography portion of my business.

If you are planning to put this photo in the yearbook, check with your high school yearbook staff if it's allowed. Even if it's not, you can still get GREAT photos to commemorate the occasion!

I strive to get creative senior photos for all my clients. I find that each student is unique and I want to bring out your personality naturally. I promise that after the session is over and the photos are delivered, you will get photos you LOVE. I have a variety of cute poses and some killer locations just for your personality. I always end up with amazing shots for each one of our seniors. Whether you want something in a stunning evening dress or a photo that could make the cover of a magazine, you have found the right photographer. I can meet you at sunrise or sunset. I can go to Boston or stay right in and around the Reading, Lynnfield, North Reading, Wilmington, and Andover area.

Before the session, I will touch base with you via email or by phone to talk about the session. I work to have a schedule that is flexible and works for you. I understand how busy it is being a parent! #gotkids. I do recommend parents/guardians be part of setting up the session. It's not necessary for the parents/guardians to come to the shoot, but everyone is welcome.

During the pre-session consultation, I will talk about the look and feel you want for your images. You tell me what you want for the background (city, nature, beach, modern, vintage) and then I will help you find the background that works best. Be it the beach or the city, a modern hotel, or vintage estate. I can incorporate props into every session and any location. I will also help work with you on your clothing selections if you need help. This is probably the best part of the shoot. I truly encourage my clients to go out and buy something NEW.

I offer on-location shoots or in-studio senior headshots. I know your yearbook has specs, and I will reach out to your yearbook staff and find the specs for your specific yearbook. I can help find the dates your photos are due and make sure your photo is delivered and confirm that it got there.

There are several yearbook companies that are used throughout Massachusetts, and I am happy to work with them. The one most local schools use is Josten! The ability for seniors to put an outside photographers photo in the yearbook, is specific town to town. . Some towns and schools allow it and some don't! Essex Tech, Landmark, St. Mary’s and Carroll all allow the seniors to have outside photographers take the photos.

If you decide you need more outfit changes during your set, I am happy to accommodate any requests. I like being flexible and work with our clients. I always have a changing tent I can bring on location. You can put on as many outfits as you want, but it does take away time from your session.

At Cordele Photography, I personalized each senior photo. I am able to work in the summer, or fall, morning, noon, and night.

Before diving into the FAQs of senior photos, please take a minute to watch the video from my 2022 seniors! Stand by for the Class of 2023 photos from this past summer!

What should I wear to a senior portrait shoot?

Part of the fun in senior portrait photography is the outfits. Truthfully, I want you to treat these shoots like you are going to be on the cover of a magazine. Get dressed to the nines, get your hair done and your make-up and don't forget your nails, girls! These shoots are so much fun when you approach them as one of the most important sessions you'll ever do. I make you look and feel like a model. From the cool location to the retouching after the session, you will LOVE these photos. I promise. For clothing choices, I strongly recommend you stay away from patterns or stripes. Baby doll dresses are cute but if the dress doesn't fit well, or the pattern is too bright and bold, it distracts from your face. Also, wear biker shorts underneath so you feel a little more confident and have freedom to move around. I also recommend bringing another outfit so I can change up poses. Posing in a dress can limit some poses I like to do. Please refrain from wearing large pinstripes on button-down shirts, stay with neutral colors that only draw you into the photo. If you have questions about your outfit, email me! I am happy to be brutally honest!

Can I have a studio session too?

Yes, I am able to just do the standard very basic headshot on a backdrop as well. You don't have to run around and go get a crazy location, you can come right to our portrait studio located in Reading, Massachusetts just north of Boston. I have every color thanks to the wonder of photoshop. I take the photo on white seamless paper and can change the color to fit your needs.

Why do senior portraits cost so much?

My standard on-location is $250 with $100 print credit for 60 minutes. I have calculated from start to finish that senior sessions take about 6.5 hours to 7 hours before I even show anyone the images. Plus the camera's and lens I use to take these amazing images cost upwards of $3000 a lens and $3000 for a camera. Also, let's not forget insurance to protect me for when you are hanging off a bridge by your toes! A lot of administrative work goes on behind the scenes to curate locations and find what people want for a look and feel. It would be wonderful if sessions were only one hour, but truth be told, start to finish there is about 20 hours worth of work for a one hour senior session!

When should you schedule a senior portrait session?

Senior portrait sessions are typically taken in the summer before a senior starts their year! If you are in the graduating Class of 2024 you want to schedule your session for the spring summer or early fall of 2023. Most people do the session in the summer, the timing all depends on the deadline for your yearbook. Check with your yearbook to make sure you are allowed to have an outside photographer shoot your photos to put IN the yearbook. Even if they say "no" you can still have amazing photos to share with friends. Also, when scheduling for the fall try and look at last years sports schedule to be sure to avoid conflicts. Keep in mind things like Homecoming and practices and open house nights. Summer is the best time to get these done. If you have to reschedule, you will have plenty of time to find a new date.

Can I have photos taken with groups of friends?

Absolutely! I love when our client gets creative and want to do something different. I can do something during prom season where you have all the girls in their dresses go to a fun location and shoot the session like a magazine cover! You can also do something fun on the beach or the city when you are all able to get together.

Where should I take my senior photos?

Great question! Its all up to you and what you want the look to be. Do you love the beach? Nature? Is art your thing? I will ask you questions to help find the place that might work best for you.

Can I purchase the digital files from the session?

Yes, I have an option for you to purchase your files, if you choose. Please know that every print photo you purchase comes with a complimentary social media file with it to share with your friends and instagram world. A lot of people know to just "ask for the digital files" but they get thrown in a drawer never to be seen again. I work with clients to help you select photos to put in albums and print for the walls and gifts. These photos will be worth hanging!

What if it rains? Or my senior gets sick?

One thing about my service is that I am super accommodating. I understand you can't control the weather, or the sports practice or pesky germs from back to school. it's okay! Let's reconvene and then reschedule.

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