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Senior Photography Tips

Senior portraits are frequently taken by a photographer hired by your community or high school. In most communities in Massachusetts, Lifetouch, Prestige, or another larger corporation will be used. That doesn't mean you can't hire your own photographer to get photographs that truly capture your child's individuality in a location of your choice.

You will get a more personal experience when you hire a local photographer in Reading or Woburn. It will be easier for you to book, communicate, and achieve the exact look you desire. Some schools that have hired me in the past include MASCO, ESSEX TECH LANDMARK, BURLINGTON HIGH, READING HIGH, ANDOVER HIGH, PHILLIPS ACADEMY, AUSTIN PREP AND SAUGUS HIGH SCHOOL.

Some of the most important things to think about for your senior picture session are listed below:

  • Location- I can help you find the best location, that's the easiest part of the shoot! I have a long list in almost any corner of Massachusetts you can think of. Urban? Cambridge, Whimsical? Park in Belmont. Beach? Gloucester or Newburyport. City? Boston or Lowell

  • Theme- You should choose a theme for the senior session. Senior photographs can have a quirky, urban, sports, or outdoor feel. The outdoors can encompass a forest, a beach, or a metropolis. If you wish to do the session in a sports arena (such as a pool, track, football field, or baseball field), there are several options in the Woburn region.

  • Cost- What is the cost of senior photography? Depending on where you live in the country, senior portraits might cost a lot of money. Senior photography is a lot larger market in the Midwest than it is in the Northeast, but parents value a personalized photo session that truly captures each child's distinct look and personality. My packages range in price from $300-$5000

  • Time of day- You should take into account the light for the time of day. For the softest light, some photographers may only shoot in the late afternoon. I enjoy using the sun and creating dynamic lighting at Cordele Photography. I'm not going to hide you in the shade, and I can shoot at practically any hour of the day. The only time of day I encourage folks to avoid is midday. The sun's rays do have an effect on shadows.

  • Weather-The weather has a big impact on your photo shoot. Of course, I don't want you in the rain, and even an overcast day isn't the light I'm looking for for my clients. You must also take into account the wind. If you have long hair, you don't want to be outside on a windy day. Clients must additionally spray flat hair with hairspray. It reduces the amount of photoshopping and keeps the flyaways at bay.

  • Outfits- You'll want to think about your photo clothing ahead of time. Even if ripped jeans are the style, you should have a few options to choose from. Solid hues and well-fitting clothing are my recommendations. I also request that all clothing be ironed and nice. If you roll your eyes when you see what your child is wearing, you're not going to like the images. Try to find a middle ground by asking them to bring an outfit you like as well as the holey jeans.
  • Beach photography tips- If you have all of the ideal conditions, the beach is stunning. If the light is soft, the tide is low, and there is no wind- it's amazing. Who doesn't love the beach? Here is the flip side: If the light is harsh, the day is windy, and the tide is high, forget it. When scheduling your shoot, be sure to factor in the tides. I would also reschedule if the wind is more than 5 MPH. I can't control the wind or the weather. I've had frustrated clients whose hair has been wind-blown, and I can only do so much photoshopping. You should also think about the time of day and year before going to the beach. You don't want to go on one of the nicest fall days since the beach will be packed. On the south shore, there are some beautiful beaches, but the drive may not be worth it. When the weather is beautiful, the beaches on the north shore, located in Gloucester, are among the most popular. I do charge an additional fee to go to the beach.

I have twin seniors, do I get a special price?

In fairness to other clients, I don't offer a twin discount, but I do allow parents to split the session for two kids or siblings. If you hire me for an hour, each twin can have 30 minutes at the same location. If your twins want unique locations you would have to purchase two sessions. If you want a unique look but one location, let's chat. I have some locations that I can shoot one twin in one section and one in another section giving them each a look.

If you have any other questions regarding senior photography please reach out. Email me at or call 781-315-6030!


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