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Photographer Reading MassachusettsAbout Alicia

My name is Alicia Williams and I'm a Boston photographer who is vaccinated. My studio name is Cordele Photography. I've been doing this for a really long time, since 2004.

The name Cordele Photography (pronounced CORE-DELL) was coined by my sister Joanna. While searching to name my studio, Alicia Williams Photography was already taken. She suggested Cordele Photography. When I asked her where the name came from, she said "It's the name of my someday vineyard I'll never own. You can have the name for your photography studio. It's the family names Corbett and Fedele put together." And there, Cordele Photography was born. While I had wished I left the E off the name, I have to remind people, it's not a French name. It's a blend of Irish and Italian and represents my heritage.

Although based north of Boston, I've worked all over the United States and Mexico.

I specialize in photographing headshots, Senior Portraits, and family portraits, In addition to creating photos for individuals, families, and business people, I also subspecialize in real estate photography.

Some facts about me:

  • I'm a Red Sox fan. As a funny side story, I named my cat Nomar after Nomar Garciaparra. But then the organization traded him the very next day.
  • Although I love traveling, I'm terrified of flying. In fact, on one London flight, I was asked to sit in the cockpit with the pilot because I was scaring other passengers.
  • I'm a big fan of coffee mostly because it's funny to see how they try to spell "Alicia" at Starbucks.
  • I'm related to Madonna. She's my 4th cousin, twice removed (true story)
  • I have three children, Jake, Carolyn, and Bryan also known as Jack, Caroline, and Ryan when people talk to them. I also have a husband, Seth. Stepping on Legos barefoot is a pastime for us.
  • My name is etched into not just one, but TWO NASA Mars Rover microchips, someday when Martians find the rover they will be able to stop and ask themself "What is an Alicia Williams microchip"
  • Personalities of TV characters I'd be if I were 3 inches taller. 90210; Brenda. Friends: Phoebe. I am the perfect blend of assertive and funny. If I was on How I Met Your mother: Lilly and on Yellowstone, Beth. Who wouldn't love to be Beth?
  • My Peloton bike is my happy place, and I swear my crown is straight.. Robyn!
  • I love to read and my favorite author is Colleen Hoover. Verity? What a mind bend!
  • My son has a service dog and while she is so smart, she still hasn't figured out to pour my coffee and deliver it to me in bed.

    I have traced my family genealogy back to the 1600s. I have found out that while I thought I was almost all Italian, I am actually 70% Irish! I am the next 23andMe ad waiting to happen!

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