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Wilmington Massachusetts Senior Photographer

If you need Wilmington Mass senior photos, look no further! You found me because I am located in the Wilmington Massachusetts area and I shoot unique and amazing senior photos and have the experience with the tough teenage years!! I have vast experience shooting senior photos for the last 18 years.


What is the cost of senior photos? While some find senior photos pricing to be expensive what I have experienced is your paying the photographers experience. The ability for the photographer to connect with the teenager and make them feel comfortable.

The cost of senior photography varies based on which package and products you select. If you you just need 1 photo for the yearbook the package is $100 and one digital file. We can help you crop and size the photo for your yearbook company. Each yearbook has various requirements. A standard rule of thumb for most yearbooks is to have your image sized 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall at 300 dpi (ppi)


Most yearbooks have a dress code. The dress code normal involves no cleavage shots, no tank tops, and work casual attire. When we have reviewed senior photo requirements, we have noted a lot of schools have said no tank tops, tube tops, off the shoulder, “spaghetti” strap, low cut (falls below underarm line), one strap, backless, halter or see through tops. political statements or full body shots are normally not allowed either. If you have a student handbook, its best to review it to be sure your outfit complies with your school dress code.

If you are looking to figure out what yearbook company to go with, there are a couple around the area that are great. You have Jostens, Lifetouch and Alumni Box

What should schools look for in a yearbook company?

I think a couple things come to mind in choosing a yearbook company. First the software used to compile the yearbook needs to be user friendly. Second the book printing needs to be cost effective. Next turn around time would be a huge factor in picking my yearbook company.

Location: Wilmington Massachusetts.

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