Lynch Park Senior Portrait Photos for Class of 2023
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Lynch Park Senior Portrait Photos for Class of 2023

Lynch Park in is the perfect backdrop for senior portrait photos in and around Beverly MA. The photo seen here was taken in the garden at the park and you see a young girl sitting down wearing jeans and a tank top.

Located on the water, Lynch Park has a beach and Italian garden beds to cover both genres for your photos. The park is located north of Boston and sits above the Atlantic Ocean, to your east you will find Woodbury Cove. This park provides nooks and crannies not offered in many other spots. During the fall, it tends to run on the busier side so try and plan accordingly.

Lynch Park's full name is David S. Lynch, Memorial Park. Before it was a park, it was an estate that had several prominent individuals such as William F. Taft renting and summering on the property. Back in the 1960s, they had a devastating run of hateful acts where the park was vandalized and fire was set on one of the Italian Monasteries, which burned to the ground.

Who was David S. Lynch? He worked as a leather manufacturer and was a very well-known resident of Beverly from the 1920s through the 1940s. In addition, he was the vice president of Beverly Savings Bank and was very prominent in banking circles. He was philanthropic and donated to the City of Beverly to help upkeep the parks and purchase land to turn into parks in Beverly. He created the City of Beverly's David S. Lynch Memorial Fund.

David Lynch worked with his brothers (Patrick J, David S & William A Lynch) in the leather business and eventually moved the business to the north shore of Salem, Massachusetts. The Tannery was located on the water in what is now Salem Commons. They had a Boston storefront on 110 Lincoln Street where their goods were sold. The Tannery was located in the Bridge Street Neck Neighborhood. Today, that building is known as the Carlton School. They used the Chrome Calf process of tanning, which was named after the chromium used in the tanning process. The business was known across the country.

Mr. Lynch died in 1942 and is buried in the Beverly St. Mary's cemetery.


Chrome Tanning is a popular method of tanning because it's quicker than other available tanning and results in softer, more pliable leather. Chrome Tanning uses chromium and neutral salts and can be seen as not an eco-friendly tanning process. There have been new developments in the process to make a greener tanning process.

The other methods of tanning are

  1. Vegetable tanning
  2. Wet white
  3. Natural Tanning
  4. Tawing

Each tanning process has its pros and cons. Wet White is good for leather yellowing resistance. Synthetic tannins, vegetable tannins, glutaraldehyde, and minerals like aluminum make up Wet White tannings. Wet white tanning uses the same machinery as chrome tanneries to produce a chromium-free product.

Lynch Park, as it's known now, is a great place for all sorts of outdoor events

In the summer you can host a wedding, you can swim at the beach, or kayak off the boat launch. You can have a picnic on the grass or bring your kids to the Lynch Park Splash Pad. The park is run by the City of Beverly.

David Lynch lived at 25 Abbott Street in Beverly in a beautiful white house. The house still stands today on the corner of Abbott and Brown Street.

No matter what, Lynch Park is a beautiful place to visit, take photos, or go to the beach. We can be thankful that David S. Lynch put money aside to beautify the area. It's a wonderful place for weddings, engagements, and senior photos to be taken in Beverly MA.

Location: Lynch Park, Ober Street Beverly, MA 01915.

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