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Modern relaxed headshots is the new look for young executives who want to climb the ladder. No more stuffy images! Stop sharing your cropped bar photo and spend the money for professional headshots.

I strive to capture your head shot in an environment that is native to where you work, or want to work. I capture photos for Facebook profile updat
es as well as Corporate CEO photos. I have done everything from taking dating profile photos for Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid! to getting photos with a new product that's been developed. Believe it or not, a new Tinder headshot is the number one reason people contact me.

I also work with clients in getting their LinkedIn picture to match the persona they want future employers to see.

I love photographing people in and around Massachusetts including New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. We even travel to Cape Cod and Islands to achieve that perfect portrait of you!

I have the ability to come to your office and set up a small studio for backdrop photos or I can go outside your building and do lifestyle portraits. Whatever genre your brand needs, I can bring it to life. If you are stumped on what you need, contact us, and I will help you figure it out. I am also able to pantone color match any headshot background color to your logo. It is easy enough to keep your brand consistent.

Rules for headshot clothing!

1. Solid colors, NO stripes. That also means NO pin stripes. The tiny pin stripes create a weird look in the camera and it is not pleasant. Stick with solids!
2. IRON your clothes! I know I know... do it, or you will not be happy with the photos!.
3. Make sure you clothes fit. Shirts that are too tight or too loose will look just that!. If you are not comfortable in it, the shirt is the wrong fit.

4. Be comfortable!

5. Pick colors that compliment you and the background. For a white backdrop we strongly suggest a BRIGHT pop of color. If you have a white shirt on a white backdrop, that just looks weird and it shows.
6. Bring a few changes of clothes! If something isn't working it gives you options! I have a hook and a changing area.

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