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Everything you ever wanted to know about Seating Charts for a wedding or event:

One of the best things about weddings is the creativity that couples put into their day. One detail that sets weddings apart is the table number display and table seating chart. Over my 15 years as a wedding Photographer I have seen so many unique ways to display seating charts!!!

Ideas for table seating charts run from keys, to pieces of tree branches, to leaves, to windows written on, to shutters holding onto folded cards. Some couples even name their tables. (Hint: If you name a table check with your venue as you want to make sure servers know what table number goes with the name!) You might still have to do the table number. If guests have allergies, table numbers are super important!

Should you or should you NOT do a seating chart?

Below is some information that will help you decide. 

Reasons to do a seating chart:

-You can control who is sitting where and if you have any fun family dynamics you can help avoid putting two people who are not speaking or divorced from having to sit together. It gives people a sense of home. Every guests wants a seat that is home base. If they want to get up and mingle they can, and if they don’t, they can stay seated.

  • Larger weddings! There will always be one table of misfits, and having a seating chart will give you the ability to have them all together or spread them out. That way they all have the “we have nothing in common” thing in common with each other. 

Why should you skip a seating chart?

 There are a few reasons to skip a seating chart and each wedding is different.
  • Smaller weddings might have a more intimate feel and the guests might all be super close. They might be able to find their people at a wedding and happily sit together.
 If you are having a cocktail hour type wedding with just small pasted plates of food with high top tables, with no real big sit-down meal there is no urgent needl. No need to force people to sit together if it’s more casual!
 Buffet style food service keeps you from having to have the servers be aware of allergies. Its every man for themselves!
-Picnic or back yard wedding, the casual feel of the wedding will be stifled by a seating chart. 
No plated meal.

What is the best way to create and plan the seating chart?

The best idea I have ever heard was to write all your table numbers on a sticky note. Then get colored sticky flags, and write every guests name on them. Then start placing people at tables. As you get going some tables will be easier than others. First you have the Bride and grooms table. Then you have the bridal party table. Those tables could be two tables . Or one table depending on how you want to lay out your wedding floor. If you have a larger wedding venue and not a ton of tables, you can create the illusion of more people by adding more tables with fewer people at each table. 

 While the sticky note idea works, there are apps that are made for people that love technology.You can use a service like Social Tables, or seating chart app on the Apple iTunes Store.

How many people fit at a round table?

Comfortably at a 60 inch round table 8 people fit, and 10 if you want to push it and get cozy! 

Where or how would I get a seating chart made?

How many people fit at a 6, 8, 10 foot table for my wedding?

The general rule is half the number of the feet of the table will fit. For example, you can fit 3 on each side of a 6 foot table, fitting 6 people. For an 8 foot table, 4 people on each side and for a 10 foot table, you can have 5 on each side!

What are the standard table lengths used at a wedding or event?

You can have 6, 8, or 10 feet tables for a wedding. Most venues hire companies like Petersons or PEAKS, located in Woburn Ma, to rent tables. There are a few venues that own their own tables, like deCordova in Lincoln Massachusetts. You can also find Rustic table rentals at places like Northeast Pary Rentals serving the the south shore, Plymouth area.

Where can I go to get a custom designed seating chart with Chalkboards or a rustic look?

In the Reading area there is a fabulous custom lettering store.

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