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How to Tie a tie

First is to lift the collar of the shirt up and place the tie around your neck. Then adjust the tie so that wide side of the tie hangs about a foot lower than the skinny side of the tie. Cross the wide part of the tie over the skinny part and then pull the wide end up through the opening.

How to tie a bow tie

  • Lay the bow tie around your neck
  • Pull one side longer than the other by 1.5 inches or about 1 thumb length and
  • Pull the longer side across the shorter side on the TOP close to your neck.
  • Take the long side and go under the short side making a loose knot.
  • Fold the short side to make a bow tie shape by pulling it to the left and then folding it back over itself to the right. The fold should be directly between the collar points.
Let the LONG SIDE hang down the front of the shirt.
Take the long side and put through the loop short side
  • The long side then pull through the loop but not all the way. 
the long side will be the part that is the MIDDLE of the bow tie. 
Tighten the knot by pulling both sides.

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