STUDIO 57 Revere Hotel Wedding Venue

I had the pleasure of shooting an event way back when, for Boston Catering and Events at Studio 57  in the Revere Hotel.  What a space! It’s huge and the event that I shot there was a kickoff to their redesign.
The walls are painted black, which is so different than any other venue I’ve been to. There are no windows and it makes you feel like your in a really different place.   You forget the hustle and bustle that’s outside, and you have a great place to kick back and host an event or wedding.
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How could you not love this lounge area at Studio 57?  The details on the wall, the lighting, the unique color of black and blue and the white bar. It’s different, and so special.

Cocktail Bar Studi 57 Photo Studio 57 Cocktail Hour Photos Hotel Lobby Studio 57 Bar at Studio 57 in Cambridge MA

Sometimes at an event there is an item that looks like something you just have to try.  These cookies and milk at the end of the night were SUCH a hit! The paper straws through the cookies made it the perfection of pinterst lovers everywhere.  The question I get asked “were the cookies soft and warm”  yes.  Yes they were.  the display was one of my favorite dessert spreads ever.

The great thing about this space is that it’s large enough to host a huge crowd and had ample parking where you pull right out and don’t have to worry about your car! Parking in downtown boston can be a pain but at Studio 57 they have valet! What more could you ask for.