When I was a senior in high school (I swear it wasn’t THAT long ago) the photos taken were sub par.  Outdoor senior portrait photography was unheard of.   We went to the high school. walked up on the stage, sat on a bench and took this awful senior photo.    Mine was on a pink background. As a photographer, its horrifying!   Today, high school seniors have so many choices!  Yes, you can still go find a studio to shoot you on a horribly light backdrop and sit you on the stool.  Who wants that!  Most of the kids today are so into selfies that these horrible portraits don’t hold a candle to the selfie they took for Instagram.     Well, we’ve changed all this.  Now you can go outside, to any location you want for your senior portrait shoot.  Like Football? We can head down to the field, Ice skating your thing? We can go over to the rink.  Whatever you can dream up for an outdoor shoot, we can do it!

Cordele Photography had the opportunity to shoot this senior for her Reading High School Senior Portrait.   She wanted to do something outdoors that no one else in the area would have.  We went to a parking lot.  Yes, a parking lot.  This is where the trust factor comes in with your photographer.  You have to know that they have a vision!  She trusted me completely and we got some amazing shots!

We are booking senior portraits at $100 for 30 minutes and you buy what you want.  If you want a full hour with multiple locations and outfit changes, the cost is $250.

Wardrobe for Seniors

Fashion is such a huge part of these sessions.  It’s one of the reasons seniors need to really think about their outfit. Target is great but you want to shine for your portrait!   Clients should head to local boutique stores, such as Aine’s in downtown Reading.   There are also amazing websites like Pinterest or Stichfix.  Your own personal shopper!  There is also this amazing app called StyleBook which if you haven’t checked out, it’s a must for a portrait shoot waredrobe selection!

outdoor portrait seniors

outdoor senior portraits reading ma

outdoor senior portrait

senior portrait reading ma

senior portrait reading massachusetts

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senior portrait

high school senior posing reading ma

high school senior portrait

high school senior photo

high school senior portrait

high school senior sits for portrait

senior portrait andover ma

high school senior sitting for photo

high school senior holds bar of gate

high school senior sitting for portrait outside

high school senior leaning against wall

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