Seaport Hotel Wedding Photos 1
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Seaport Hotel Wedding Photos 1

This room at the Seaport Hotel is one of the prettiest in New England.  Its entirely glass and the light coming in is to die for.  You couldn't screw up a photo here if you tried.  Ashley and Joe were married here and we did some amazing photos in this room.  I love this room because of how the green plants sort of break up the white of the room.  The sweeping staircase gives the guests a view of the bride before the groom, which is so different.

The Seaport Hotel is located down on the waterfront in Boston Massachusetts.  
Phone:  (617) 385-4000 Website: 

Location: 1 Seaport Ln, Boston, MA 02210

Location: Seaport Hotel 1 Seaport Ln, Boston, MA 02210.

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