Ocean Cliff Wedding Photographer
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Ocean Cliff Wedding Photographer

A photo of a bride glancing at her boutique in Newport Rhode Island at Ocean Cliff, hours before her wedding. We were outside with the bride waiting for some of the bridal party. As time when on the sun kept getting softer and softer. I noticed the Bride standing there and the way her belt matched the colors of the tree light. I knew that if I was able to blur the background enough this photo would just be my favorite from the day. I had my long lens on that day and just focused on the bride. I asked her to lift her flowers and look at the ribbon. I was lucky enough that she was at the right angle to maintain the detail of the flowers and the dress. This photo was inspired by a New York Photographer. The funny thing (or not funny) is that seconds after I took this photo, a tree branch fell and almost killed my husband. One second before my husband took a step forward, and then the branch fell. Had he not stepped forward. He would have been killed by this two foot diameter 300 pound tree branch. The trees in the area in Newport appear to be as old as the mansions!

Location: Ocean Cliff, 65 Ridge Rd, Newport, RI 02840.

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