Massachusetts Same Sex Wedding photos
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Massachusetts Same Sex Wedding photos

Same Sex Wedding Photographers

Katie and Clare were married at the beautiful Codman Estate.  They both looked beautiful in their gowns.  Katie wore her hair down and Clare chose to tie it back.  The day of the wedding they meet me at the Codman and we went right into doing family portraits.  Both families were so lovely.   Once the family photos were done, we went on to do couple portraits of Katie and Clare.  They were so relaxed and fun to work with.  We kept the portraits simple and classic.  We didn't spend too much time on them, because they wanted to get down to the Italian gardens for the Quaker ceremony they had planned.  What a ceremony it was!! They had little flags made up that couples could wave when there was something they agreed with, or wanted to show their support.  You could tell that Katie and Clare were friends above all us and made a beautiful couple.

Location: Lincoln, MA.