First look Providence Public Library Wedding
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First look Providence Public Library Wedding

A first look in 2018 in the Providence Public Library during a wedding.  
To Look or not look!

Why or Why not to have a first look at your wedding?  Well it all depends on how nervous you will be the day of the wedding.   Some brides really love being able to spend a few extra minutes alone with their soon to be husband, and some want to savor the moment for when they walk down the aisle.  

First looks can be great, as they are a way for couples to take the edge off the day but at the same time they can also take away from the special moment of seeing each other at the alter.

I have also found that while brides think they will like doing portraits ahead of time, they are so nervous and the photos can looked forced.  We typically  end up doing the photos again after  the couple has had a cocktail or had a chance to relax.  Weddings are stressful.  You have everyone you know in one place.  Everyone is talking at you, and it can be overwhelming.  This is where a First look can come in handy.  You get to be alone with your partner, and get some great photos of the two of you together.  

Challenges of the first look 

Most wedding parties want to be there to witness the first look, and while it seems like a good idea, everyone is staring at you! My advice is have it be a private moment between the two of you.   The more intimate a moment the more fantastic the photos can be!  After your first look we will then take the two of you for some quick portraits before the ceremony.  Nothing to crazy because you want to remain fresh for the actual ceremony.

Location: Providence Public Library, Providence RI.