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Concord Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

Concord Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

Sometimes the simple is just as beautiful as the complex.  This bride wanted her photos on the Old North Bridge.  Most days this tourist spot is so over run it's hard to get good light without distracting elements behind the couple.  I was lucky enough to be working with two people who were so in love, that even a simple green background made the photo beautiful.  We had them stand up on the Old North Bridge in the middle.  I went down on the lawn side and had them snuggle on the bridge.  The light was so even and perfect and the bride was so stunning it made for a great wedding day portrait.

I love shooting on the Old North Bridge because there is such a sense of forgetting the world around you.    You are forced to try and be in the moment with nature.  Its hard not to feel so small when standing in such a vast wide open space.  

When clients choose to have their photos at the Minuteman national park in Concord, time of year is key.  If you go in the fall you are going to be OVERRUN with tourists from bus companies.  There are literally hundreds of people at this site.    If you do choose to go there, try and go in the early evening but bring your bug spray!!!

Location: Old North Bridge Concord MA .