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How to tie a Cummerbund

First, what is the point of a Cummerbund?

Every guy that’s had to wear one has to wear a Cummerbund has asked “what on earth is the point of it?!” Believe it or not, it has a purpose! It’s not just to add color! The Cummerbund helps hide the white 'V' of dress shirt that pokes out below the button of a single-breasted dinner or tuxedo jacket. It helps keep the shift flat under the jacket. Its original purpose was not formal wear but more for the Military of the British. They original had vests on but the heat of them was too much and so they designed a new way to have the vest.

The Cummerbund was born, and adopted as they Black Tuxedo came into New York for formal wear. 
As stated above the main idea behind the Cummerbund is to cover a mans waist. It helps keep the shirt from riding up or becoming untucked.

To wear a Cummerbund the pleats face up! If you have them facing down you are wearing your Cummerbund wrong! They pants should be worn up to the naval and the Cummerbund should be placed halfway over the pants and half way over the shirt. That means you place the cummberbund middle point at the top of the pants. A bow tie will help finish off the outfit and should always be worn with a matching color Cummerbund. Wearing this extra piece of a tux will help make men look taller and slimmer. It is also a much lighter and cooler option for a summer wedding than a vest. With the pleats facing up, they can hold tickets and important paper. That was their design!

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