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I have some great Cake Smashes and First Year Portrait Photo Tips that can really make a session great!

These sessions are amazing and so much fun to have for years to come. First we start off by doing straight portraits of your child to mark their milestone. Then, when we have what we need, we put the cake down in front of them. Below are a few tips that will help to have a successful cake smash photo session.

We have a really cozy space in Reading Massachusetts that's really perfect for mom or dad, baby and me. If you would like to bring someone else, let me know. We know how much baby loves grandma, but we want them to pay attention to me! If you are having a birthday party, that's the time to show these photos off. Bringing family to the shoot takes the can take the big reveal out of it. It also distracts the little one, so be sure to know the less people and distractions the better.

Fact: Not all babies love cake. I know- right?!

  • be prepared that baby will not want to be near the cake. It's OKAY! I am confident we will get some shots of the baby enjoying just being photographed! Some babies are actually afraid of the cake. It makes sense, new place, lots of people staring at them, and then you want them to eat a cake, that normally you'd take from them. What's not to be frightened by! One tip, is to show them the cake before hand. Have it out on the counter, so it's just part of the kitchen.
  • be prepared for a mess! Some babies love cake, Those are the best, but they are also the messiest!
  • be ready to pry the cake from the baby. Some babies really love the cake and will just keep eating. To avoid stomach aches and sick babies, we rely on the parents to pull the cake when they feel they have enough. Its always a good thing to double check with me before pulling the cake. When you think they've had enough, let me know, and I can let you know if I'm all set to be done. Fact: I'll keep taking images until you pull the camera from me.

Cake smashes are a great way to really document a babies milestone. They don't always go as planned and that's okay! If baby is sick, or cranky, we recommend not forcing the shoot and just rescheduling. We also recommend you bring only one other person to the shoot, spouse, mom or friend. Having too many people can cause the baby to want to be with those people. We want this to be a positive experience for all involved.


It would be amazing to have this super fancy cake for the cake smash. My advice? Keep it simple. When you go to a professional baker they use fondant frosting. Fondant frosting is really hard for kids to break into and destroy a cake. Also, (truth here)it doesn't really taste good. Keep the cake ingredients to soft frosting, and whipped creams. I have found over the years, that really sugary and butter cakes, don't go over well with kids. What does go over well are the whipped cream cakes. They are easy to smash, and make the mess for fun photos. Also, try and keep the cake to just a cake. No cute prop on top. Kids tend to get distracted easily and if they find a toy on top, it's a deal breaker.

Planning a Theme for Photos

I let the parents tell us what theme they want for the first birthday cake smash photos. Pink and Gold is super popular with the girls right now, and boys tend to go for Mickey Mouse. I can pull anything off. I just need enough time to pull the props together. One thing that makes our cake smash sessions different is I keep it SIMPLE. I don't want 400 props. I want the feel of the theme and three items. When you add to many props around a baby, they lose focus and the entire point of the shoot is lost. You end up prying props from the babies hands and then the baby cries. I have found it works best to have a backdrop with something hanging that says Happy Birthday and a little prop off to the side. Simple truly works best, but I am happy to add whatever you want. This is just my professional opinion.

First Birthday gifts that parents love are a photo shoot so we do sell gift certificates. We are also happy to come set up a pop up studio in your house. We travel to Reading, Lynnfield, North Reading, Andover, North Andover.

Rescheduling advice for Photo Session.

We know how much you planned to do this session, and then your little one gets sick. You try and push through, its only 30 minutes, they will fine, Right? Unfortunately, It's been our experience that if baby doesn't feel good the entire session is photos of the baby crying. Our advice? Reschedule. The photos aren't date stamped and if the photos are a few days before or after their birthday, it really won't matter. We don't have a reschedule fee. We totally understand, things happen. As a mom myself, you can't plan everyday to be perfect. If your baby has a cold, or has run a fever in the last few days, reschedule. If they had an ear infection or you've given them ANY antibiotics or Tylenol in the last 24 hours, reschedule. Also, if ANYONE in your house is/has been or is in contact with anyone who might have been throwing up, PLEASE reschedule.

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