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Online Dating Photos

I get contacted all the time for people looking to do online dating photos and people looking for a real photo of themselves. Having an professional online dating headshot done can really up your game with finding the perfect match.

When looking to do an online dating photo you don't want to use a photo that is a crop of another photo of you with another person. You want this photo to represent you as someone who is worth taking the time to get to know, because you took the time to get a great photo done.

I have been in business for over 15 years and can help you really show the true person you are with a great photo

Tips for making your Online Dating Profile stand out?

First and foremost, you want your photo to represent you. If you aren't the sit and read a book type, we will not photograph you sitting and reading a book. If you like to go for a run along the Charles, lets do it! We can get some action shots of you, and then have you stand with your running gear on, so you can attract the runner you need in your life!

You want to be yourself in the photo, we don't want a stuffy headshot as your main photo. It's great that have a clean neat photo that is well lit, but for a photo for an online dating profile you want something that jumps off the page.

Where should be go for my photo? That's entirely up to you!

I will ask you a few questions about the look you are going for, what you are into. From there we can make a plan about the right background for your session, weather you need to bring your dog, and were we should go.