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Is it stupid to hire a professional photographer for an online dating photo?

I get contacted all the time by people looking to do online dating photos and clients looking for a really great photo of themselves. Having a professional online dating headshot done can really up to your game with finding the perfect match. I say, hiring a professional is the best way to get the best photo of yourself!

When looking to do an online dating photo you don't want to use a cropped photo of another photo of you with another person. People will question, is that the ex? You want this photo to represent you as someone who is worth taking the time to get to know you because you took the time to get a great photo done.

I have been in business for over 17 years and can help you really show the true person you are with a great photo. You can get a photo on a simple background or we can make a great photoshoot, with action shots and real photos of you, doing what you love! To find that perfect match, having things in common is a great way to start.

Tips for making your online dating profile stand out?

First and foremost, you want your photo to represent you. If sitting and reading a book is not you, we will not photograph you sitting and reading a book. If you like to run along The Charles, let's do it! We can get some action shots of you, and then have you stand with your running gear on, so you can attract the running partner you want in your life!

Truth be told, You want to be yourself in the photo, you don't want a stuffy headshot as your main photo. It's great that you have a clean neat photo that is well lit, but for a photo for an online dating profile, you want something that jumps off the page. I have dreams of taking photos of a swimmer or gymnast in action for a dating profile. How cool would that be?! It would be interesting, show your talent and people will click on it just to see it. My motto is, be different. What's the saying? Be a unicorn in a pack of horses? You get the idea!

Where should you have your photo taken?

That is entirely up to you. I will ask you a few questions about the look you are going for, what you are into. From there we can make a plan about the right background for your session, You can bring your dog (I love dogs), and we can talk about where you are from and what speaks to you. To give you a quick idea, I would take a little test. Word association:

Beach or Pool
Forest or Park
City or Suburb
Quiet or loud

Coffee shop or bar
Dave Matthews or James Taylor (Okay, I'm kidding on that one.)

These answers will help me find the right place for you. I absolutely have a list of great places to go. I don't want to say the location doesn't matter, but I am not doing huge landscape photography. Most of the time I am focused on you, with a little headspace around you, and the background blurred out.

Should I take a photo on seamless paper or on location?

This is a personal choice and it all depends on what look and feel you are going for. An outdoor session is great for someone that has a more casual job, say a realtor, a fitness instructor, a camp director, web designer, graphic designer, photographer. Those types of jobs have a more relaxed feel and allow for a more relaxed photo. If you are a lawyer, Judge, or CEO you may want to appear more formal and a photo on a seamless backdrop would have a polished professional look. If you are someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, needs the ability to allow the photos to work across different social media platforms, you might want to do both. It's not unheard of for me to have you come outside in my studio yard, and shoot a quick outdoor photo too.

How do you get great headshots?

1. Relax

2. Find a great photographer
3. Find a great location
4. Pick a flattering color and outfit

5. Smile and be real, it will be over before you know it!

What should you wear for your dating profiling photoshoot?

Since a profile photo is mostly just a headshot, the outfit is not super important. That doesn't mean roll out of bed and show up. I typically tell people to dress work casually. That means, not super fancy to look neat. Iron your shirt, wear solid colors, and be comfortable. If you are looking to attract a certain genre of the applicant (say a runner) I am not against you wearing your running gear. If you love to ski, we can bundle you up and put you in a ski outfit! These are NOT musts, but merely suggestions.
A few clients layer their outfits so they can have a couple of different looks to pick from. Some people throw a sweatshirt on, and then take it off and have a sweater, and then take that off and have a tank top. Sometimes people bring a couple of different color shirts and types. You can bring a polo shirt, and a button-down and a sweater. Most people just keep the pants to jeans or khakis and interchange the tops.

Can't I just take an iPhone headshot or profile pic?

You could, if you want to chance the horrible angle and the bad light. Under NO circumstances should you take a selfie headshot. Its just... no. First off, it looks like an iPhone headshot, and second, you can't do what a professional photographer can do. Its the little things like moving your chin just a hair. I had a client who kept trying to life her chin and I took the photo a few times and I kep suggesting "put your chin like this" and she finally did. When I showed her the difference, she saw why a photographer was so valuable. If you don't want to spend the money on a professional photographer, I am not going to convince you. You have to see the value in what I do. From the broad light I use, to knowing how far from the backdrop you should be, to knowing different poses. With an iPhone headshot, you will not be able to get different poses. The Iphone will limit the angle, and you'll have a subpar photo when for a few dollars you could have a perfect, well lit, well posed headshot to get you a new job or a new significant other.

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