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Which Buttons to Button on a mens jacket?

How many buttons to button on a mens jacket?

This has to be the most asked question from the guys while getting ready! How may buttons should be buttoned on their jacket? Its a simple and easy to follow rule! If you have three buttons, you button the top 2, if you have 2 buttons you button the top one. What if you have one button? You always keep it buttoned! . A rule that is not negotiable is that you always have your jacket buttoned when standing. Only when sitting should you unbutton your jacket. Also its consider impolite to take your jacket off at an event. While the guys are not happy, the jacket is formal wear and should be worn as such. While it seems weird to leave a button un buttoned there is a reason behind it. Back in the 1900s King Edward VII, the King of the United Kingdom. He was emperor of India as well. He was born to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Buckingham Palace and to friends and family he was Bertie. The rumor is that the King grew to large to keep all his buttons fastened, so he left the bottom one unbuttoned. You can thank the King for not having to button each and every button on your Jacket!!

What about on the vest on the inside?

The same rule applies to the vest as the jacket.

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