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Covid and Photography in Massachusetts

Covid Updates for Weddings and Portrait Photography
(updated Feb 16, 2020)

Covid and Getting married

Have Covid concerns? You have come to the right place! Weddings are considered gatherings. As of February 16th gatherings no longer need to end at 9:30PM. That also means, that alcohol can be served past 9:30!

Photography is considered personal service and does not require (in most situations) close contact. Ya! We can be open! What does that mean for your wedding? Headshots? Senior Portraits? Family Sessions? See Below.

According to the State Guidance, large weddings are still on the restricted list. The host of an indoor event at a private residence must limit the number of attendees at all times to No more than 10 persons indoors and 25 for outdoors. As of Feb 16th, this still stands but the time limit has been rmeoved. If you are planning a wedding that needs to be in a hotel, and have a large group of people coming, you are slotted into Phase 3. Per the guidance from the website, "Phase 3 and what is included is Weddings/events/large gatherings in parks, reservations, and open spaces." Phase 3 is under the premise that we (those involved) stay Vigilant. As of February 16 we are still at Phase 3 Step 1.

Time to start planning! They are saying "moderate gathering" which falls under the category of smaller weddings. According to the state website, the same guidelines in regards to ballrooms and meeting rooms are back. Ballrooms and meeting rooms as well as function halls (Think Lakeview Pavilion, The State Room) even if OUTDOOR, must be held at 25% capacity of their occupancy permit for INDOOR events and hold no more than 25 people for their OUTdoor events. Per the website on Feb 16th. 25 persons outdoors, or 25% of their capacity in all other places, The general provision states "General Provision: Where no licensed or permitted capacity allowance is on record and for any enclosed space within a larger facility, occupancy shall be limited to no more than 5 persons per 1,000 square feet."

There is some talk about lower risk communities allowing up to 100 people at a venue and higher risk being subject to only 50 people per gathering.

Covid & Headshot Photography in Massachusetts

Headshots with Cordele Photography will look a little different.I am allowed under Phase 2 to be open for Head Shots. Normally, I have an in-studio experience for my clients. For the safety of all involved, I have moved our client's experience to a temporary studio in my in-home garage. I open up the garage doors and which allows both parties involved to be far enough away, per Massachusetts Guidelines. I will wear our mask and stay 10-12 feet away.

Family Portraits and Covid in Massachusetts

The fall is a huge rush of family portraits in New England. I am accepting fall portraits in the summer and early fall months. I will keep 10-12 feet social distance and shoot with a longer lens. I will refrain from touching clients to pose them. I will be just as bossy as I normally am.

Senior Portraits and Covid

Senior Portraits for spring are startingto book for 2021. Please check back in Spring 2021 for the guidelines and get booking early! I am open for senior portraits and will be keeping our distance and shoot with a longer lens. I will suggest areas for photography that are lower traffic and will use only verbal commands to pose clients. Some parks still have restrictions on parking, so we will make a plan that works for you and me!

For now, that's it! Wash Hands, Wear your mask and for goodness sake do NOT touch your face!

Stay Healthy everyone!

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