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Covid Updates for Weddings and Portrait Photography

(Updated September 7, 2021)

Per the CDC

If you’ve been fully vaccinated: You can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic but in Boston, you need to wear a mask at all indoor places.

The State of Emergency ended on June 15th! We are not out of the woods yet!

MASK MANDATE BOSTON: Whenever people are indoors on the premises of a business, club, place of assembly or other place that is open to members of the public, including but not limited to retail establishments, restaurants, bars, performance venues, social clubs, event spaces, and municipal buildings, they need be wearing a mask. This is for the CITY of Boston, not suburbs. Every town has its own set of bylaws so be sure to check out your towns website for more information

Covid & Headshot Photography in Massachusetts

Headshots with Cordele Photography will look a little different even post-pandemic for safety. I am open for Head Shots and fully vaccinated. For the safety and comfort of all involved, I have moved our client's experience to a studio in my in-home garage. I open up the garage doors and which allows both parties involved to be far enough away and it works just like my normal in-home Reading Photography studio.

Family Portraits and Covid in Massachusetts

The fall is a huge rush of family portraits in New England. I am accepting fall portraits in the summer and early fall months. I will keep 10-12 feet social distance and shoot with a longer lens. I will continue to refrain from touching clients to pose them. I will direct with mirroring my body to yours.

Senior Photography and Portraits and Covid

Senior Portraits for spring are starting to book for 2021 for the Class of 2022! I am open for senior portraits and will be keeping our distance and shoot with a longer lens. I will suggest areas for photography that are lower traffic and will use only verbal commands to pose clients. Some parks still have restrictions on parking, so we will make a plan that works for you and me!

For now, that's it! Wash Hands, Wear your mask and for goodness sake do NOT touch your face!

Stay Healthy everyone!

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