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Professional Corporate Headshots on Location

Professional Corporate Headshots on Location

Getting everyone in to have headshots at a studio can be a really tough task. If you can schedule one day on location to get everyone's headshots done, it makes it easy.

What are the benefits of having a photographer come on location?

The benefit of having a photographer come to you on location:

you can set up times that work for your employees. I

you tell your employees to dress appropriately for the headshot.

set up a schedule for people.

can schedule people between breaks and between patients at a doctors office.

You also get to control the employees actually getting them done. If you tell them to go find a photographer for headshots it could take them weeks to find someone if they even do it at all. You are able to know the employees got it done and you will know when all the photos will be turned around. You also will have on consistent look across your entire website.

What does it cost to have a photographer come on site for employee headshots?

Our corporate rate is $400 an hour with $100 per employee rate. This fee includes the license involved.

What do we receive for that fee?

You will get one digital file of each employee retouched on the background color of your choice. Our standard colors are white and gray but we are able to order any color you want with advanced notice. You also get a 1 year license to use the files for online digital use on your website for a period of two years. You will also be able to use these files on a limited basis in marketing materials.

Location: Walpole Street Norwood MA.

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