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Indoor head shots and outdoor head shots are easy to get done in Lynnfield Massachusetts. At Cordele Photography we specialize in modern head shots that make people look real. With the virtual world that we are in, having an updated head shot on your signature or on your website is really a must have.

Types of Head shot Sessions

There are two types of head shot sessions people can pick. You can do an on-location head shot session where you find a spot that reflects what you are trying to convey, or you can pick an indoor seamless session.

We are happy to help you select which session works for you. Some of the things to consider are where will the image be posted? Is this head shot for a website, marketing material or a book? Are you an executive in need of a head shot for a seminar, or online venture? Are you an admin who needs to post a clean bright photo for your companies HR department? There are benefits to doing both.

The seamless backgrounds are great for online website photos. The outdoor sessions are great if you are looking for a dating profile or if you are looking to put a photo on printed materials for products you use outside.

What color seamless background should I pick?

While it seems easy to select a seamless background, careful attention should be paid for the photos use. Is this photo going on a white modern website, or a darker platform. If you are using this photo on a sight that has a modern look, white is always a classic easy to use color that is timeless. The other trick with white, is you can change the color in post production to any color you need. I can pantone color match the background of your headshot to your logo.

We also suggest wearing solid colors that tie in your website/logo/branding. I will use the example of NBC. Their peacock has a color palette and if I wear to shoot head shots for NBC, I would suggest people shoot on a white or black background and tie in one of the colors from their brand logo.

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