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Headshots Andover Massachusetts

In Andover Massachusetts its easy to find a great location to do a headshot of a client outside. I normally travel the location for the subject and get them to tell me what it is they want. When I find the perfect location the biggest piece is getting them to relax. As a headshot photographer in Andover, it's my job to make them look their best. In this photo I have a girl who is sitting against a brick wall in a red shirt, smiling. She was going to use this photo as part of her portfolio in America Ninja Warrior tryouts and as part of her life coaching business. She is also trying to write a book and I cannot wait to see my photo on the back of a book!

Having a great headshot for an author is a must. They always put an amazing photo on the back of the book.

Location: Main street, Andover Massachusetts.

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