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Fun colored background head shot photographers

White is modern and edgy but it's time to change it up with colorful fun headshots on seamless backgrounds. You can have any color backdrop you dream of, so why not spice it up with something fun to show off the personality of your website?

While hi-key white is excellent for a website and easy to do, adding color can be eye-catching and real. You first need to get everyone in a solid color to match the background color you want. Do you want everyone to have a different color? We can mix and match the backdrop color to your needs. Nothing is too bright or bold.

What is the process for a headshot and the amount of time?

A headshot takes about 30 minutes on location to set up. After the setup is complete it takes about 5-10 minutes to shoot each employee. For 12 employees it took us about 1.5 hours.

The space you need to shoot is easy. You need a conference room, or a large office, 12x12 is excellent. You also need nothing hanging from the ceiling. No pendant lights can be in the room.
You want all your employees in solid colors as patterns can distract the eye.

Location: 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston MA.

Keywords: Colorful Head shots.

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