employee headshot company massachusetts
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employee headshot company massachusetts

Kevin was in deseperate need of a headshot.  It had been years and he knew I was right down the road.  It took us a few minutes to get him comfortable, and once we got a few shots off, we found what worked for him.  Normally headshots don't take very long and I am pretty good at making someone comfortable.   I had set the backdrop up in my studio space in Reading, and had him come.  He had a mirror to make sure he looked out and then sat down on the stool.  Headshots only require a short amount of time, so if your crunched for time I can do an express headshot in under 20 minutes! You can use these headshots for corporate booklets, linkedin pages and tinder profile pics.   We also encourage everyone to have a nice Facebook or Instagram photo.  When you are job searching having a photo of you holding a drink isn't going to send the right message to a prospective employeer.

Location: Reading, MA.