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Covid Safe headshots in studio

The question "How do I safely get headshot photos during Covid 19?" has been asked. I also hear "Can you still take corporate headshots in the studio?" The answer is: Yes. I am lucky enough that we have a 900-square-foot garage space to take headshots in our garage. I can safely take photos of you in our open-air garage in the temperate months. In the winter, I am able to open windows and still have it safe for you. We set up our backdrop in the garage along with our lights, and we can back up far enough away that it will not be a problem.

While it's not the most glamorous setup (it is MY garage), you'll be safe and socially distanced while taking your corporate or dating headshots on seamless paper.

If you are an office that needs headshots for your staff, I am able to help figure out a solution that will get everyone updated headshots. I can come to you, and find a location where I can back up and wear a mask and safely take headshots. It is possible to take photos while being protected against Covid.

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