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CEO Headshot Photography Boston

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It was my pleasure to shoot the professional photos of Kristin from Sweet K Cookies of Reading Massachusetts.  I am not only her photographer, I am a true believer in her product.  Her cookies are amazing!  When she called and told me that WHDH was doing a story on her business, I was thrilled.  She asked me to come down to her home and do professional headshot and product photographer for her.  I was so excited.  Her business is all about making connections and I love to shop local.  It was a photography match!  Its been such a great adventure to watch her grow and see her photos on the Boston Globe and on WHDH.  Having been a part of adding to her business with corporate headshots has only made working with her that much sweeter.

Product photography is definitely a niche that people need.  Product photography is a type of  specialty photography. Well I am not a true product photography it's something I try and help people out with.  You need the right kinds of lights.

Location: Summer Ave Reading Massachusetts.