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Business Headshots near Boston Ma

Business Corporate Headshots are something every single professional should have near Boston. These days, people search LinkedIn and Facebook to put a face with a name. Having a professional, well-lit photo is key.

I love shooting headshots because everyone swears they take the worst photos. It's simply NOT true! You have never had the right photographer photograph you. That's why I love them. I am able to take a 30-minute corporate headshot session and prove to people that they ARE indeed photogenic and that they do not take the worst photos!

Clients should book corporate headshots as soon as they have time. Even if you have a job, you won't know when you won't have a job! Sad, I know, but it's true. You could be laid off tomorrow hitting the pavement without a good photo to post on LinkedIn!

Location of shoot

I am able to shoot Corporate Headshots in my cozy studio in Reading, or on-location at your company. I have had clients call me to come into their office, set up a backdrop and photograph their entire staff on site. I have gone to office parks and taken staff outside and photographed them in the parking lot. You can shoot your headshots anywhere! If you are going to book your sessions outside, you want to get the best light. You either want a nice shady spot or you want to shoot in the early morning or the evening to prevent people from squinting their eyes. Fact about headshots: People with blue eyes squint the most and are the most sensitive to the sun. I can't tell you the science behind it, but it's true.

Clients who are doing their own headshot should plan for about 20 minutes in my studio for headshots. They typically don't take that long if you just have one outfit. If you have multiple outfits, you want to allow a little more time. Do you have to have multiple outfits? No, you can wear just a nice shirt or you can bring a few outfits to change into. The more outfits you bring the more choices of photos you will have. Ask a friend what color looks best on you. You'll need to know if you are going to be shooting on a black background, white, or gray. It's up to you what background we use. We can do high-key white for a more modern look, or we can use gray for a subtle professional look.

For this session the client knew she wanted a headshot that was modern, so I was able to use my white background and a couple of reflectors to get the look she wanted. I chose the 50 MM lens to be able to get close, but also be able to crop the photo for various looks.

If you are choosing to do on-location headshots, you will need to have at least a 12' by 12' space. Most business locations have a lobby or conference room I can work in. If you have doubts about your location and space, just ask! I am happy to take a look if you are nearby and give you my opinion. You can also take a photo of the space and sent it my way!

Location: Main Street Reading, MA.

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