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Affordable Headshots massachusetts and Boston

Corporate Headshots should be affordable for people to keep an updated profile photo around Boston Massachusetts. What affordable looks like, varies from studio to studio. Each type of headshot photography has a different need.

The various types of headshot photography are Business Headshots, Actor Headshots, Author Headshots, Dating Headshots and Realtor headshots. Each one of those types of headshots have different work involved that may or may not change the cost from photographer to photographer.

When you are asking for Business headshots, part of the cost will be how much time you need, and how many people are involved. Will this just be a single person (with no hair and make up) will it be in studio, or will it be on location? Each one of those questions factors into the pricing of the shoot. If your company is looking for headshots of multiple employees you should be looking to spend based on an hourly rate, and get each employee 1 retouched digital photo for that rate. The pricing for a corporate on location headshot session would include the time setting up, breaking down and parking. If it's over 500 employees plan to have the photographer there all day.

With Actor headshots, getting to know the actor really helps display the persona of the actor. Knowing what kind of actor they want to be; such as Theatre, television or movie. Is it for a college production, a small town theatre or for Broadway? Researching the type of role the actor is going for will help make sure the photo is taken in away that portrays the look they want.

Author headshots fall into the same category as business headshots, with one tiny change. The number of reproductions, the publishing house, if the book is a local sale, or going nation wide, will the photo be used JUST on the book, or on press releases. Author headshots on the back of books tend to be more expensive as the photo will be reproduced multiple times. All these factors effect the price of the headshot. If you want one photo or are reproducing it 5000 times matters/

Dating Headshots seem pretty straight forward, but if you want a photo that is truly representative of The Who you are, lets get you hiking, or biking, or running or sitting on the beach! Whatever you love!! I would aim to capture that which could use more time to shoot, costing a little more than your average headshot.

Affordable headshots are possible, and you need to know the budget for each type of shoot. For a typical headshot in studio, it can range from $175-$250 for one digital retouched file and 30 minutes of our time. For a on-location dating headshot, I charge between $195- $375. For a LinkedIn Profile shot, I charge $195 for one file retouched sent to the cloud.

For a solid looking headshot, you really want to wear solid color clothes.

Your budget should fall somewhere between $175 and $425. for a great photographer. You will be able to find photographers who will shoot for less.

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