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Reading Senior Portrait Photographer

Local photographers know the town best!  When Victoria came to me to do Senior photos, I knew just the place to go to make her hair color work for her.  This is a simple loading dock in Reading behind CVS.  I just had her sit down, in the shade and lean her head against the wall.  I told her to give me a small smile.  This is the type of photo the kids want.  Something that makes them feel like they are a model.  These are model shoots!  They get to do their hair and makeup and go to a location that shows off their personality.    Along with senior portraits we do Kindergarten photos as well as family photos.  We also help the school with headshots when they need them

What makes a good Senior Portrait?

Well something real.  Something that's not too contrived.  It's easy to find a tree and say 'stand here" but for this photo I wanted to showcase Victoria's hair and eyes.  I wanted a background that really made her pop off the page.   The orange of the dock was prefect.  She also was comfortable with me because she's actually my personal babysitter.  Being comfortable will make the subject really relax and not be awkward.    When you put anyone in front of the camera (except maybe heidi klumm)  you are going to feel nervous.  You worry about all your flaws. What makes a good senior portrait is when the senior is relaxed and just being natural which can be hard to pull together.

Location: Main Street, Reading Massachusetts.

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