family portrait mt. auburn arboretum
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family portrait mt. auburn arboretum

This little family has been coming to me for family portraits for the last 3 years.  I have known them since they were married years ago, and I shot her sisters wedding and their cousins weddings and their friends!  It's been a joy to have them keep coming back and trusting me with their family photo.

The background of the arboretum was the perfect place to get photos of their little ones and gave enough unique areas to set them up.  Their little ones were very active and being able to move around was a must!  

Fall portraits is one of the biggest draws in New England with the changing leaves and the wonderful colors, but late summer shouldn't be dismissed!  These vibrant flowers were the best for a background behind the blues of their shirt.

Mt. Auburn Arboretum

If you haven't been to this location just to walk around its worth the trip.  There is plenty of parking on the side of the roads.    To visit you can go to their website here;

Location: Mt. Auburn arboretum, 580 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138.