Surprise Proposal Shoot Wingaersheek Beach
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Surprise Proposal Shoot Wingaersheek Beach

Surprise engagement proposals being photographed are all the rage, Its such a nice gesture for the significant other to do to capture photos of a once in a lifetime event. Finding a spot that works is also key!

How do you set up a photographer to capture an engagement proposal?

Its actually a lot easier than you think.

  • You contact a photographer
  • you set up the date and time
  • You tell the photographer where you will be (and we can help find a location!)
  • Photographer finds a way to be in the area and not look like they are there for you.
  • Photographer watches you and captures the whole thing unknown to the significant other
  • Then you have true engagement photos.

They are a lot of fun and something that your significant other will love having for a lifetime. Being able to share this moment of utter shock is the best!

There are little details that matter and a professional can help you get them all sorted out

Location: Glouchester, MA.

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