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Plymouth Massachusetts has some of the best locations for family photographers. One of the best places (which is a secret location) are the bluffs of Manomet! They are gorgeous and you need to be part of the private beach families that are allowed to access them. Lucky for you, I have permission to use the beach and the bluffs!
Located off Manomet Ave, the 120 feet. Although New England winters have not been kind to the bluffs, there are sections that are still holding strong by the Idlewild. The Idlewild is one of the prettiest houses on the beach and is available for summer rental.

Here in this photo we see two people standing on the steep stairs of the bluff in Manomet MA. Plymouth has such a special place in my heart. It's the place where I first meet my husband His best friend lives in Plymouth and went to UMass with me. When we graduated college we went to a party with another college friend and invited my husband. My husband and I sat on the stairs of my friends house in North Reading and talked about Yosemite for hours. After that day we were never apart. This photo, shows the jetty where we had our first date. It shows the stairs the police came down to break up the party. It shows the beach where my family summers every year. Manomet bluff is one of the prettiest spots in Massachusetts. Alex and Lauren flew in from Chicago and were engaged their first night at the rental house. They told us they were engaged and asked me to do photos down at the spot they were engaged. I was happy to photographer my husbands cousin. They were only here a few days and finding time to fit them in was hard. It was also a challenge that Lauren hadn't known she was getting engaged. She wasn't sure she would have anything to wear to do the engagement photos. It worked out that Alex shirt matched the only dress she brought with her. I love this photo for the sky and the green bushes off that help frame the photo.

Manomet bluff is one of the prettiest spots for engagement and or family photos. Contact us today to schedule your family portrait!

Location: Plymouth Massachusetts.

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