Minuteman National Park Engagement Photos Old North Bridge
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Minuteman National Park Engagement Photos Old North Bridge

Being in New England in the fall a lot of people really want the fall feel. This client wanted the rustic and New England Charm. I think we pulled it off. We went down to Minuteman Park in Concord MA. It's a great park with lots of walking and lots of open space. One of the big attractions there is the Old North Bridge, but it can be tough to get a good shot. Most days it's crawling with tourists who traveled from a great distance to come to see it. Even though the bridge isn't the actual bridge (it's been rebuilt) it's still really cool to go there. Off in the distance is the boat house. I sent my clients down there to stand while I shot from up on the bridge. This was one of the few frames I captured. I ended up getting a great reflection on this one and I really liked the framing of the couple.

Location: Concord, MA.

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