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Fall Engagement Photos Western MA

Fall Engagement Photos Western Massachusetts

A bridegroom hugs his bride to be in the park of West Boylston with the fall leaves behind them as the sun sets.  Tiffany and Brendan were married at the Codman Estate in 2015.  They were looking for someone that had shot there numerous times before. When they asked to do an engagement session they wanted it to be at a place that was special to them.  They chose the Old South Church in West Boylston MA.  The day we went the fall colors were perfect and the light was in just the right place.  Tiffany is an interior designer so the outfits she picked for them were perfect.  They weren't to casual or too dressy.  The colors matched nicely with the fall foliage in the background.

This might be one of my second favorite engagement photos that I have ever taken. There is something about the deep contrastin the photo up against the New England fall foliage. They were a really sweet yet shy couple. I wanted to be sure to capture the shyness in the photos but also capture how much she loves him. This photo is just a great representation of fall in New England and the pretty colors we get. I always strive to get fall photos that look like this, but the weather can be very hit or miss. Some years you can have fall be early, some years it can be late and some years the rain can pull all the leaves off the trees, completely ruining any fall photo sessions we have booked.

Location: West Boylston Massachusetts.

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