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Boston Seaport Engagement Photographer

A couple kisses in Downtown Boston with the sun lighting the girl's blonde hair and the buildings behind her. Boston Seaport Engagement Photos sometimes aren't what they appear. This photo was in the Boston Seaport district but it's not looking the way you'd think. I found this rim of light and I couldn't pass it up.

Sometimes when you are at a session you just see a photo dropped right in front of you. I had just met up with Daria and Chris and the sun dropped a little in the sky. We were in downtown Boston and the light goes away really quickly if you are not careful. I dropped my bags backed up and told them to kiss. This ended up being one of my favorite photos from that session. I love the skin tones, I love the rim light on Daria, and I love the emotion. Granted it's not the best background, but that is secondary to the photo. It's light first, background second in my book! Her hair is so beautiful and I love the way the light is really showing off her highlights!

Location: Boston, MA.

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