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Beach engagement photos don't always have to involve the beach. This photo is of a guy leaning over a girl who has her back up against the car. There are so many times that a photo just reminds me of something. This photo screams "All American" to me. I am not sure if it's the jeans and flip-flops or the black-and-white conversion in the photo. I also wonder if it's the car in the photo or them leaning back into it. Whatever it is, it screams "This is an All-American couple" who are getting married. This is love. I love the fact that they wanted to do their photos at the beach, and we ended the session in all places, a parking lot. It was great that they had a truck for this photo. I saw Nicole leaning against the car and then asked Chris to lean into her and kiss. I told Nicole to lean back a little more and close her eyes. They were such a young couple and their wedding was just as much fun as their engagement photo session. Good Harbor Beach can really be such a pretty backdrop. We shot this session later in the afternoon to take advantage of the softer light at sunset. It was during the spring so there were not too many beach go-ers sitting around. This shot was inspired by another photographer who did a similar shot in California. Nicole was willing to do just about anything for me for this photo shoot. Chris was a little bit shy but he was happy to do what Nicole wanted him to.

Location: Good Harbor Beach Thatcher Rd, Gloucester, MA 01930.

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