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Acorn Street Engagement Photos

An Engaged couple on Acorn Street taking engagement photos in Boston can be cliche, but it's so pretty! Acorn Street is one of the most amazing places to shoot couples in Boston.

Acorn Street is actually one of the most photographed places in the state of Massachusetts. Though in late 2018 the owners that live on Acorn Street (through the worked hard to make it a private way to keep Photographers off their street. To use Acorn Street for photography you now will need to pay a fee! For one hour the fee is $375.

You can see a list of other fees for Acorn Street use here:

Fee and Schedule for Still, Film, and Television Photography

  • One hour or any part thereof: $375

  • Four hours or any part thereof: $1,500

  • Full day (over four hours): $3,000

  • Evenings (5pm to sunset): $2,100

Start no earlier than 8am. Night shoots require special permission and rates

The street is very Boston. It has the cobble stones, the American Flag, and the brick work. The soil in Boston was littered with stones they called "Cob" . Since the soil had so many they had to figure out what to do, and thus began using the Cob to make streets we now know as Cobblestones.

As much as the cobblestones are an amazing part of the street, You also can't forget the amazing street lights. I think these have since been converted from gas to electric. Nestled right in the heart of Beacon Hill. It's not the most easy to get to spot by car, so it's best you go on foot!

I have found Acorn street (nestled right in the heart of Beacon Hill) provides a fall backdrop when people are wearing jeans and boots. It's a cute stop for anyone walking around Boston, looking for Cheers!

Location: Acorn street Beacon Hill, MA.

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