Wedding Photos of Same Sex Couples Massachusetts
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Wedding Photos of Same Sex Couples Massachusetts

This same-sex couple gets their photo taken at the Codman Estate. They were amazing together. I'll be honest, shooting same-sex weddings used to intimidate me. I was always a little unsure how to pose the couple. Then it clicked. I can't tell you my secret, because there is no secret to becoming one of the best at it. I get a feel for how the couple is together if they are super affectionate, or pretty reserved and I take my cues on how to photograph the couple based on their personalities and what they are comfortable with. Just like with any couple!

These two brides were so giggly and it reminded me why I love being a wedding photographer. They were really marrying each other and it was so obvious how in love these two brides were. The Codman Estate is a great location for same-sex weddings. I have done a couple there and the backdrop is just glorious. Because I am at this outdoor venue so many times, I try to shoot it differently than I did the last time. I always want to try and give my clients their own unique set of images. I love the pop of color in their flowers, the yellow and pink complement each other well. The house blurred out in the background really brings the brides to the focus of the image without losing sight of the magical location. We are lucky enough in Massachusetts to allow same-sex marriage. I truly believe people should be able to be with whoever they want. Being able to photograph it, really is such a special thing.

Location: Codman Estate 34 Codman Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773.

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