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Wayside Inn Wedding photographer

Wayside Inn Wedding Photographer

The weddings at the Wayside Inn are special. Given that it's the oldest running inn and the country the weddings seem to have a special aura about them. When I was first getting into photography years ago, the photographer I worked with, Jerry, seemed to book a high number of Wayside Inn Weddings. We would always go down to the Mary Margret Parish down the road, and then walk back up the road to the Wayside Inn. This particular wedding of Stephanie and Aaron was a first for me. The Wedding was held in a tent off in the side yard. It was also pouring rain which seemed to be a theme this year. In this photo, I loved the simplicity of the window and the white bedspread, and Stephanie's dress. I asked her to just go and sit for a minute and then she sat and smelled her flowers. Something a lot of brides don't take the time to do. There is something about the green in the walls and the crown molding that really tie into the feel of this image. I just wanted a simple bridal portrait. Stephanie delivered!

Location: Sudbury, MA.

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