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Micro Weddings in Boston Massachusetts

During Covid, having a big wedding event in Massachusetts seems to be a little tricky so people are opting to do a Micro Wedding.

Micro Weddings in Boston are the new way to get married without a lot of difficulty around covid. A micro wedding is smaller than your typical "Small" wedding because there are typically less than 25 people. In most cases, there are only 6-8 people there.

Who attends a Micro Wedding?

Typically it's the couple getting married. the officiant, the parents of the couple, and the photographer. Some people in addition to the parents have two extra guests who are the "witnesses".

What are the benefits of a micro wedding?

Honestly, I have to tell you... the FEEL. The difference between a typical wedding and the new wedding is the stress level. You find the spot you want to get married, you fill out the paperwork, you find a justice of the peace and you tell a couple of close friends. The moment is intimate. It's meaningful and it's powerful. People who have switched over to a mico wedding vs the big event, have stated that the feeling and connection between the day and their spouse was really intimate. You can focus on the real reason you are getting married, and not have it get lost in the planning of color schemes and wedding party attendant selection.

How many people are allowed at Micro Weddings in Massachusetts?

As of Feb 4th, 2021 the governor of Massachusetts has declared indoor events only have a maximum of ten people. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 25 people. Family of the same house do not constitute a gathering and are not subject to a limit. Also, workers, bartenders, and kitchen staff also do not add to the total of people at an event.

What is the cost of Micro Wedding Photography?

Micro Wedding Photography falls into the category of hourly event pricing. For my photography services for a micro wedding, I do not have an hourly minimum. I do have a maximum of 4 hours per hourly event coverage.

How many photos will I receive for a micro wedding?

Normally I tell clients that they want to expect between 60-100 photos per hour. If you have multiple people in your wedding, you can expect more photos, if you are just doing a super micro wedding with you and your significant other, you can expect about 60 photos an hour.
There is no hard fast number. Photo numbers depend on the number of locations and how many photos you want to take! I can take photos all day long of a couple in love, most people call it quits after 2 hours! There is also nothing to preclude you from having your private ceremony and then scheduling an "After" wedding session in your outfits. If the day you get married the weather is a little on the yucky side, we can always schedule a "second session" for an additional fee.

Will you shoot large gatherings in a private home outdoors?

Due to the fact that covid has been linked to larger gatherings at outside events, it's against my better judgment and comfort level to take photos at such an event at this time. It's also against the governor's orders in the state! We look forward to shooting your large wedding events in the near future! We are hopeful to help you plan your future wedding events, engagements, and parties! We are happy to help you plan wonderful locations to shoot in and around the Boston area!

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