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Mechanics Hall Wedding Photos

Mechanics Hall is not a venue you see every day. it looks like something you would see in Hollywood. It is located in Worcester, MA located about 48 miles west of Boston on Main Street. While there is no dedicated parking you can find a parking lot on Waldo Street for your wedding guests.

Mechanics Hall was founded in 1842 during the antebellum period by the Worcester Country Mechanics Associations. The Antebellum Period was before the War of 1861. The association helped teach people the craft of mechanical operations and machines. During this time period, there was a lot of activism for the abolishment of slavery. The hall was built for the Worcester Country Mechanics Association. They helped provide instructions and training as well as assistance to mechanics in the area. Anyone who needed help due to losing their job due to being ill. People who fell under the category of a mechanic were engineers and anyone who worked with something mechanical.

In around 1857 the association built the new Mechanics Hall to help give more space to the organization. Today the hall houses vast conference rooms and even holds a recording studio! The Hall can accommodate up to 1600 people. From conferences to concerts it's a great venue for large companies to host speaker events. While there you can schedule headshots for your entire company. It's also a wonderful venue for large weddings, with its sweeping staircase for photos. the spotlight on the first dance is something you don't find anywhere else in Massachusetts.

Location: Main Street, Worcester MA.

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