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Kimpton Marlowe Hotel Wedding

A quality photo of bride and groom walking down to their Kimpton Marlowe Hotel wedding. The Kimpton Marlowe Hotel used to be known as Hotel Marlow but has been renamed. It is one of the prettiest hotels and the most unique to host a wedding.

This photo is of a bride and groom walking down the spiral staircase. The photo was taken from the top of the stairs looking down, so you see the compass on the floor.

The Kimpton Marlowe Hotel is located outside of Boston over the Zakim Bridge in Cambridge. It still has the city feel for a wedding, without having to drive all the way into downtown Boston. This photo offers an angle of the hotel that is unique, because of the colors and the angle.

Location: Kimpton Marlowe Hotel
Address: 25 Edwin H Land Blvd in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA

Location: 25 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, MA 02141.

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