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The Old North Bridge in Concord Massachusetts is a great place for Wedding photographers to capture the couple bridal portrait.

Finding a place to take wonderful photos in Concord is not hard. There are so many places in and around town center that you can go. The center of Concord has great spots to stop and eat (The Colonial Inn) and cute little shops (Frtiz & Gigi Kids clothing). Just a short walk from Concord Center, you can find the historical Minuteman National Park with the Old North Bridge! Tip: The Old North Bridge brings in a LOT of traffic in the fall as tourists come to see the fall foilage and the historical sight!

Located just outside Concord Center off Route 2 and Monument Street the Concord Bridge is located in the Minute Man National Park. The park honors the opening battle for the American Revolutionary War. I love shooting on the Old North Bridge because there is such a sense of forgetting the world around you. You are forced to try and be in the moment with nature. Its hard not to feel so small when standing in such a vast wide open space.

Location: Old North Bridge Concord MA .

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