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Best Photography at The Colonnade Hotel

A Bride and Groom stand under the trees by the Christian Science Center. Another amazing location outside the Colonnade Hotel is the row of trees in the area.  It gives the illusion that you aren't in the city of Boston. It adds the additional elements of green trees among the endless city brick structures.  Wayne and Courtney loved the hotel for the floor in the lobby.  They also were able to get a little bit of an outdoor suburb feel in their photos.  One thing I loved about their wedding was that they had such a fun wedding party.  Some weddings don't stand out to me, but they had such a great party that went all night long!  Its such a connection to see the groom holding the brides hand unprompted, and after this photo he spun her around.

Location: 250 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115.

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