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Here is a true Boston Photojournalist photo taken by Cordele Photography. This Seaport Hotel wedding was one of my favorites. Ashley was willing to do just about anything and everything I asked. She was super into her photos which always helps! I loved her modern veil and her dress was just as modern! this photo is one of my favorites because she was getting nervous, but after a minute of encouragement we got her to laugh and I grabbed this great shot. She was such an expressive bride and her groom had this great model vibe about him. We were able to get them out of their reception and do city night shots at the Hotel. There is a great place over by the world trade center where you can get a photo of the city skyline and they were up for it. They left all their wedding guests and went for a little walk. That's what makes great wedding photos. Clients that put in the effort and know what they put in, are what you get out. Their photos are still some of my favorites! I still keep in touch with Ashley and Joe and I love watching and hearing about all their travels and life changes.

Location: boston, ma.

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