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Massachusetts Islands to Host a wedding

There are so many great islands to get married at in Massachusetts.  Most can name two of the more popular islands, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.    Did you know there are other islands to get married at?  

Here is a list of the islands you can get married at in Massachusetts.

The Boston Harbor Islands are a great getaway from the busy everyday life and they offer some amazing venues to get married at.    While Plum Island is not one of the Boston Harbor Island's it's

Does Rhode Island have any islands to get married on?

Rhode Island also has two amazing Islands as well; Cuttyhunt Island and Block Island
Cuttyhunk is the lesser known of the two islands in Rhode Island.  

I have only been to Block island but it has some amazing places for wedding receptions.  Block Island is such a sweet slow moving Island.  It has the charm of Cape Cod and Nantucket, but it runs at it's own speed. There are no clocks on Block Island.    Weddings there are like one big long party with no running around, no rushed feeling.  You get there when you get there, and you end when you end.    You have to take a ferry and you can bring your car over.  I have shot two weddings on Block Island, both at the Atlantic Inn

The Atlantic Inn is a huge Inn, with lots of room for your family, and you are allowed to rent the entire place out for your wedding!   All your guests can stay there, but if you need over flow you can head to Payne's House.  We stayed at Payne's both times. 

For a wedding; Block Island has some amazing photo spots. I have shot a few wedding there and they are always so relaxed and fun.  My couple Melissa and Brian decided to get married there because each year they drive their boat from Long Island to Block Island.  They have such a connection and love for the Island.  We photographed their even over the course of three days.  It started off as a rehearsal dinner then the next day we had the wedding and reception and then the day after brunch.  Block Island Weddings are really truly what I call "Island Weddings".  They are relaxed and run at their own pace.  They almost move so slow, you wonder if people forget they are at a wedding.  It turns into a day of relaxing and drinking on the lawn followed by a nice dinner and dancing. I LOVE the flow of these weddings. No rushing around, no watching the clock, just go with the flow.  For Melissa and Brian we ended up having enough time to drive around the Island and shoot photos at the lighthouse (seen here) and at the bluffs over looking the ocean.  I absolutely loved Melissa's Veil. It was lace and complimented her wedding dress perfectly.  The sash around her waist gave her definition and her Gold shoes added that hint of sparkle every girl needs.

Location: Block Island, Rhode Island.

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