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Best Same Sex Wedding Photographers Boston

Codman Estate Lincoln Massachusetts

How to pick the perfect location for your wedding?

This is one of those things that I wish people would talk to a photographer first. There are so many great locations in and around Massachusetts and so many different things to consider in picking a venue.

Some of the key points in picking a venue are

-number of guests

-indoor or outdoor


-onsite ceremony location

-getting ready area

-good photography spots

Those are just a few ideas to keep in mind when selecting your venue. If you know you are getting ready at your family's home, or a hotel, a getting-ready location won't matter.

With selecting a venue I think the most important aspect is if they have a backup site for the ceremony if it's an outdoor ceremony you are planning on. The weather in New England is so unpredictable. You want to make sure you have a place to go if it rains, and while we hope it doesn't, it could. You want to be prepared. If there isn't a backup plan, you could see if a tent

Location: Boston, MA.

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