North End Engagement Photos
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North End Engagement Photos

North End Engagement Photographs

The bridge in this photo is from the North End.  Sadly it is being town down.  It's the rusted bridge off Atlantic Ave and a great spot for Engagement photos!

About the couple:

Holly and Alan are probably one of my favorite couples. I've known Holly since junior high and when she told me she was engaged, I was so excited! When met Allen for the first time at the shoot; I fell in love with him too. I can see why Holly loved him so much. He was a genuinely nice guy and willing to do anything for their engagement photos.  The way they met is a bit of a story where Holly broke her rear view side mirror, and brought it to Allan to be fixed after meeting him one other time. The story is that he thinks she broke the mirror on purpose to go back and see him.  The story is up for debate and denied by Holly.   The solid colored outfits that they chose to wear really worked well together. We had a great cold day but Holly was a trooper taking off her jacket to capture some nice natural poses. It's so cute that Holly is so little and Alan so big so I had an interesting time posing them. This is one of my favorite photos because I have Alan and a tripod pose and I had Holly just lean into him. This was a first for this pose and I really love it. I love the rustic bridge in the background and I just love the emotion between them.

I love the fact that Boston is laid out in a half "C" design so you can stand in certain spots around the city and actually PHOTOGRAPH the entire city!  Holly and Alan wanted to get photos of the city of Boston in the background.   I new just the spot behind the Moakley courthouse in downtown Boston's Seaport district.   The key was having the correct light and the right couple!  On this day it was a bit overcast which helped light the photo.  Its like having a big giant soft box in the sky.   Holly and Alan also picked some great clothes for the shoot.  I always try and tell people to wear solid colors and try not to match.  When you have the same color on, you blend into each other.  This is one of my favorite photos because the way it really shows off The Boston Harbor Hotel and  the Boston Waterfront.

These photos are so casual for engagement photos and I love the feel of them just hanging out.

Location: boston, massachusetts.